Racing Stronger has been born out of a realisation - a realisation that sim racing helps so many of us through tough times, and helps us grow stronger.

On a personal note, the people behind Racing Stronger have all had their own challenges with mental health and have found healthy escape in sim racing.

The incredible thing about this hobby is how open people are about their struggles, which is fantastic and so refreshing!

Racing Stronger is an initiative to provide routes of support for sim racers and to show those with mental health challenges just how good getting in to sim racing could be for them.
We will partner with racing communities and brands to provide easy access to events, raise awareness, and raise money for mental health charities.

None of this is about an individual person - it's about you, all of you. We are not mental health professionals and nothing can be a substitute for professional help - but we are always here to help and listen. Our Discord will be a great place to chat and support each other.

In time this site will develop and grow - if you think of anything that could or should be here then let us know.

This too shall pass - together we can be stronger - see you on the track!