Your guide to supporting your
mental health through sim racing

What is sim racing?

Sim racing is basically the next step up from playing racing games.

Add in your own steering wheel and pedals, using the right sims/games, driving with a community of fellow racers, entering organised events and leagues... and that is sim racing!

It's not all serious though - sim racing is a great hobby for some healthy escapism, making friends and driving cars as fast as possible.

How can sim racing help my mental health?

For some it's an escape... for others it's a place to safely meet like minded people... it's different for everyone it its benefits, but from experience there is no place like a great sim racing community to help you through a tough time.

We have never seen a hobby where people are more comfortable talking about their struggles and supporting each other - it's refreshing.

What can we expect from RacingStronger?

In the background the RacingStronger team are developing a website, social accounts and a Discord server that is designed to support both new and existing racers with their mental health challenges.

We have partnered with one of the best racing communities in oNiD Racing and together we will give you safe places to race as well as hints and tips to develop your sim racing journey.

We will also have support from sim racing accessories brand SIMstuff and livery designer B22R.

Keep coming back for more as we develop the tools and resources.