In partnership with oNiD Racing Community and Simracing.GP we are thrilled to announce our first ever charity race event, coming in December.

The event will be a 3-hour solo race on Assetto Corsa Competizione using GT3 cars at Silverstone. Entry is FREE, but with a catch.
If you take the free entry option then you are stuck driving the dreaded Reiter! Or... for just a small donation you could upgrade to a different car.

How will this event raise money?

Where will the money go?

Soon a poll will be open in the RacingStronger Discord with 3 charities to choose from. The aim is to select a smaller charity so that our fundraising has more of an impact.
In the meantime, all monies will go in to a dedicated RacingStronger PayPal account and after the event we will publish a detailed breakdown of our fundraising totals for transparency. RacingStronger is not a registered charity but we will be fundraising on behalf of a registered charity.

How do I enter?

Well that's simple... head on over to this link and sign up (Simracing.GP free account will be required to sign up).

How do I upgrade my car?

After you've signed up in the Reiter then head over to the donation page and make a payment for whichever car you choose. Then e-mail or drop SGP Adam a DM on Discord with your car choice and he will change the car for you.