The benefits of sim racing on your mental health

A healthy escape

We all need an escape from the stresses and strains of daily life - especially if you suffer with mental health challenges on top.

Escapes come in numerous forms, and many of them are unhealthy - be that comfort eating, alcohol, drugs or many other things. The great news is that sim racing is a healthy escape!

What do we mean by an escape? Well it allows you to focus on something else for a while, even put yourself in a simulated world for a period, even live out something that is out of reach in real life.

Choose how visible you are

Sim racing gives you a great opportunity to either be really visible by streaming, chatting, making friends, and much more.

But, if you need anonymity as part of your healthy escape then that is fine too!

Many sim racers don't use their actual name online. Some don't chat. Most don't stream their races. And those people are getting just as much out of this fantastic hobby.

Nobody is sim racing is judged based on how chatty or outgoing they are - be you, be how you want to be.

Unleash your competitive side

Competition, adrenaline, excitement... what great fuel for a smile.

Everyone needs a little adrenaline - MentalFloss give us 8 benefits of an adrenaline rush - and what better way to get your hit without needing to dive out of a plane (no thanks!).

Sim racing provides opportunities to have side by side battles, overtaking moves, crashes (unfortunately) and hopefully wins!

Adrenaline can help focus, breathing and so much more.

Gain routine

Many of us with mental health challenges find ourselves struggling to keep a routine going, struggling to focus on things, struggling to motivate ourselves.

While sim racing is not a silver bullet - being signed up to organised leagues and events can help you create and then keep a routine.

In this article, Mind talk about the importance of routine - it's different for everyone but there are recognised benefits.